Final Fantasy: Fated

The Director's Cut

(got mako?) Welcome to Fate Game. This is an Indie Impro work along the lines of a Role-Playing Game, played through chapters instead of chat rooms. It is based in the Improfanfic-created world of Final Fantasy Fated. Please visit this page and check out the original Fated and the many other excellent impros.


(got mako?) Caffeine's profile has been found, and I added this news section. Comments welcome. Also, I clarified some of the rules on the Fate Game Overview Page.

(got mako?) 10/31/03: The Fate Game is back!

Playing the Fate Game

0: This is a Prologue Type Thing
1: When Your Average Intervention Isn't Cutting It Anymore
2.0: The Birth of the REAL New God (note: see chapter 2.1 instead)
2.1: The Chapter That Screws Everything Up
3: Hello Kitty Merchandise
Sephiroth Clone #445
Lady Chaos
Philip Barkow

Upcoming Directors and their Alignments

1. Kate Malloy
2. John Evans
3. Terence
4. Rift
5. Eric Jones
6. Sasha Harlow
This could be you!
Guest Writer/Unaligned
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Understanding the Fate Game

Cast List
(Additional Cast Members Only)
Planet Shinra Other Jenova
Gabrielle Brazen
Leon "Trigger" Hawkings
Scott Grey
Tiana Hamilton (unavailable) *
Indigo Ccoa
Max Lear *
Loki *
Karine Onethe **
Pao Pat Mei Kizn **
Kain Woodshaft *
* Indicates a stipulation with alignment. Please see individual profiles for more information.
** Indicates a new or updated/changed proflie or alignment.

The Latest Tweaking Our update page features the Score Sheet and is maintained by everyone's favorite furry playah, Moomba#5!
Information About The Fate Game Features information about our "pts" system, general rules, the PTB List, the Goodie list, and other miscellaneous info.
Fate Game Resource Guide Features Items, Accessory, and Armour lists. Also helpful links.
Fanart Gallery

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