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9/11: New reviews of Chapter 1, Scenes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I was going to review Scene 2, but Ardweden said everything I was going to say in her review. ^_^

8/20: And the new part is up! Now all we need are reviews...

8/16: Finally a new signup! Thanks, we'll try and make your stay as enlightening as possible.

4/6: Part 5 up, and the message board is back. I've tried to archive all the reviews so far, however, the message board is still a bit wonky, and I don't think I've gotten all of them. Hm. Anyway, keep reviewing. If nothing else, you can always send reviews to me and I'll post them on the page.

3/23: Finally got the queue updated. From now on the parts will be due 4 days after the previous part, like the rules say.

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Chapters Parts Authors Reviews Reviewers
Chapter 1 Scene 1 NeoPuu    
Scene 2 Jeff Baker Scene 2 Review
Scene 2 Review
Scene 3 Scott Ryktarsyk Scene 3 Review
Describe and Expand
John Evans
Scene 4 Michael Hellenbrecht Wordiness, Telling and Commas John Evans
Scene 5 Ricardo Chirinos Scene 5 Review
John Evans
Scene 6 Signus Megido Scene 6 Review
John Evans
Scene 7 Montae McKinney Scene 7 Review
Plot Twists and Gore
John Evans
Scene 8 Ian Characterization John Evans

Nobody Due Date: Never


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