* 12/3/03: It's time to get old school! With the second Impro chapter I ever wrote, Do-Gooders #19! Also my two entries to the very first Starter Sweepstakes, NFY #1 and Dark Times #0!

* 11/2/01: As advertised, the Do-Gooders ending, chapter 61 Exposed added! Also To Hell and Back #14.

* 4/18/01: My first Impro chapter ever, MGH #12 Exposed added!

* 4/7/01: FFL#13 Exposed added.

My Chapters, Exposed

What is Exposed?

I've written a lot of impro chapters...and I tend to put a lot of work into them, using a lot of jokes and references that everyone might not get. So I decided to go through the chapters and point out some of the more obscure bits, as well as talk about writing and my thought processes as I wrote these chapters. (It almost becomes a self-MST at times...)

So, Exposed chapters are basically chapters to which I've added commentary. It might not interest everyone, but a couple people I ran the idea by thought it was a good one. So, here it is...

Incidentally, any other authors who would like to put their Exposed works up on this site will be welcome. Contact me for details.

One last thing: You shouldn't read a chapter Exposed before you read it in its original form. It might spoil your enjoyment.

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