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3/1/04: Chapter 14! Season 3 starts out with Dream Realm weirdness!

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Season Chapters Authors Due Dates Queue
Season 1:
1: Waking
2: Going Downhill
3: Strange Flower
4: Pain and Water
5: Static
6: Pushing Away
7: The Seventh Day
John Evans
Ian Heafer
John Evans (2)
? Lady Chaos (2)
Ardweden (3)
Season 2:
8: Growing
9: Whispers
10: Casting
11: Strain
12: Fate
13: Family
Ardweden (2)
Lady Chaos
Aaron Shattuck
Marcus Fong
Nicholas Eckert
John Evans (3)
Season 3:
14: Escalating Amor

Nightmare Fighter Yumeko Rules: Plot Approval

What's it all about, anyway?

Nightmare Fighter Yumeko ("NFY") is the story of young women thrust into a conflict they do not understand (at least at first), fought between entities from the hoary legends of old. Yet they do not exist in a vacuum; the heroines must deal with their friends and family while venturing ever deeper into the occult realms. It is a gloomy reflection of "magical girl" shows like Sailor Moon and Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. As the characters learn more, more questions appear; the reader who remarks upon strange details will be rewarded. The answer lies in dreams...

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Chapter Summaries and Character Guide (Now complete up to chapter 6)

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Yumeko fanart by Lady Chaos

More Yumeko fanart by Lady Chaos (with the old URL)

Nightmare Fighter John #4 by Ardweden

Six Runes Game by John Evans

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