The Sunburst Project

The Sunburst Project

SBP News

5/13/02: I actually got a reponse submitted. Imagine that. ^_^; However, it's for one of "this week's" stimulus...but instead of creating a whole new "week", I'm just going to put it on the main page here.

9/6/00: I managed to find another submission that I had just sort of forgotten about, sitting in my inbox. ^_^; Sorry, Jason. Also, I think I'll just wait until I get at least three submissions for each week before I update them...

8/16/00: Finally another update...there wasn't much point in updating sooner, because it seemed like everyone was too busy to write. However, we're back now! And in honor of our thirteenth week, I've put up four stimuli! Woo!

Old SBP News

Current Week is Week 13: Wednesday August 16th to Wednesday August 23rd

Stimulus 1: Elements submitted by John Evans
Responses: Elements submitted by S L
Stimulus 2: Happy Birthday submitted by John Evans
Stimulus 3: Triskaidekaphobia submitted by John Evans
Stimulus 4: End of Summer submitted by John Evans

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SBP Rules

The Sunburst Project is an experimental fiction project. The rules are simple; each week there will be several Stimuli, for example, a paragraph, a phrase, or a story beginning. Authors then write a story based upon a Stimulus, inspired by it or contininuing the ideas. Then, when the week is up, I will post all the stories for everyone's enjoyment, and new Stimuli will be posted. The fun comes in seeing what directions different authors have taken one idea's like rays emanating from a single source. Hence, a Sunburst.

The Sunburst Project is different from normal Impro, in that stories aren't continued from week to week. Each week there's a new topic to write about. Several, in fact.

You can write things based on previous stimuli...But then your work gets buried on the Previous Weeks page. If you get your response in by the deadline, you get to see yourself displayed on the main page for an entire week! Compelling, isn't it? ^_^

However, as the whole point of the Sunburst Project is to see the different directions people take a certain idea in, you should feel free to submit respones to any stimuli you can find, even ones that already have lots of responses to them. But the idea is not to write responses to other respones, only to stimuli.

As a result, there are no queues. No registration is necessary. Simply send in your story whenever you want.

And one more thing...Be sure and read the news. There's sometimes important stuff in there.

Last Week was Week 12: Thursday June 22rd to Wednesday August 16th

Stimulus Stimulated by Submissions Submitted by Date added
A sheet of glass submitted by John Evans Dream Hunters Prologue I: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself Chaos 8/16/00
Write a story involving:
  • An artifact from an ancient civilization
  • An advanced technological device
  • Fenced or stolen goods
  • Something blue
submitted by John Evans Something Ancient, Something New, Something Stolen, and Something Blue
GUNNM PSX: Lonely Angel
Mervyn the Wonder Slug
Cris Gomez
"But the wish can only affect you. So no world peace or stuff like that. However, if you want to fly, that might be doable..." submitted by John Evans ... no Baka... Jason 9/6/00

Previous Weeks

Week 11, Saturday June 3rd to Thursday June 22nd

Week 10, Thursday May 25th to Saturday June 3rd

Week 9, Saturday May 13th to Thursday May 25th

Week 8, Thursday April 27th to Saturday May 13th

Week 7, Thursday April 20th to Thursday April 27th

Week 6, Thursday April 13th to Thursday April 20th

Week 5, Thursday April 6th to Thursday April 13th

Week 4, Thursday March 30th to Thursday April 6th

Week 3, Thursday March 23rd to Thursday March 30th

Week 2, Tuesday March 7th to Thursday March 23rd

Week 1, Tuesday March 7th to Tuesday March 14th


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The Sunburst Project was partially inspired by:

M.O.M. - Monthly Online Manga (now defunct or moved, it seems)

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