Chaoseed Events

Tuesday, December 11th: Phantasma's user interface is being overhauled. Comments and suggestions welcome.


OctoberStorm was a success, with a number of people contributing interesting locations and items to the game. The winner was "Fergus MacPhellimy", and he won a T-shirt for his efforts!

Tuesday the 2nd: Fixed a few bugs in Chaostorm and added a couple more "hints", all in service of making it work better for OctoberStorm.


What is Chaoseptember?

September is, for many people, a time when school starts; a time of beginnings and of renewal. In a way this is strange because autumn is a time for harvest and taking stock of the year, preparing for winter. But if winter is a time of activity, then autumn is like spring...

September is a time for Chaoseed to renew itself. Expect big changes and new things during this month. Many of the changes will be "behind the curtain", invisible to users and players...Some will be more obvious.

Saturday the 15th: Worked on the Phantasma dueling code a bit and added the Duelist's Rings. Also, cleaned up the Chaostorm pages a bit and added a bit of code that hides events if there are more than 5 in that location (this does away with the huge list on the right side that causes blank spaces).

Friday the 14th: Chaoseed has been migrated to PHP version 5.2.2 (from version 4.4.7). Theoretically, this shouldn't change anything. However, it could conceivably affect any of the games and applications hosted on the main Chaoseed server. (Except the Randomized Demon Generator and Randomized Call of Cthulhu Tome Generator, which use CGI.) It did cause a slight problem with Phantasma research, but that's now fixed. Also, improved the coding on a few Chaostorm pages. Also, upgraded the Chaoseed Wiki to version 1.10.1.

Thursday the 13th: Chaostorm now has a tutorial to teach the basic actions. Everyone has to go through it, old or new player. But don't worry, it doesn't take too long. Also, fixed a bug in Chaostorm relating to arena information when not logged in.

Wednesday the 12th: Phantasma: Cleaned up Coven pages a bit, added ability to remove members and rescind coven invitations (founder only).

Monday the 10th: Worked out some bugs with the Phantasma reset. Cleaned out the queue of (almost) all the books waiting to be edited. Fixed a bug with Scribe Spellbook and a bug with Stormprobe charging. Fixed a typo in Kipatsu Shop.

Thursday the 6th: Reset Phantasma.

Wednesday the 5th: Worked on several features of Phantasma - Giving items, trading items, giving cookies.