Play a medieval wizard in this web-based game--Research spells, craft items, duel your fellow wizards!


Chaostorm is a game of exploration and creation in an epic realm. Prepare to Storm!


A quick-moving interactive story. Choose any path--and if it doesn't lead anywhere, write the next installment yourself!

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Beware the Radish

Collaborative storytelling! If you like reading, write some yourself!


Sci-fi webcomics featuring video game characters!

Secrets of the Final Days

Dark forces have given you a grim task--End the world. Before anyone else can...


Get Sthenos.


DaemonWorks is a series of puzzles within puzzles...what is the ultimate truth?

Randomized Demon Generator

Do you like those Dungeons & Dragons demons that seem like random combinations of body parts from different animals? Well, you'll love this!

Randomized Call of Cthulhu Tome Generator

Spice up your Call of Cthulhu game sessions with never-before-seen eldritch tomes!

Stupid StarCraft Tricks

StarCraft maps I've created.

Planescape: Torment Screenshots

This is a game that deserves to have more people know about it.

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