Old News

News item: 7/10/04: New forums! I'll also be gone for a week, unfortunately...

News item: 3/1/04: New NFY Chapter! Happy Leap Day!

News item: 12/22/03: I've added summaries to most of the story pages! If you're unfamiliar with the stories, now you can have a better chance of figuring out whether you'll like it before you start reading it.

News item: 12/3/03: A few more Exposed chapters, and I've made an executive decision to clean up the High Stakes queue.

News item: 12/1/03: Back to the old color scheme. Maybe I should make a Christmas color scheme...Anyway, I'd like to remind everyone that queues can sometimes be malleable. If you want to write for a particular story now, or at least soon, let me know and we may be able to work something out.

News item: 10/31/03: Okay, a REAL update this time. Not only do we have a new Dark Times chapter, not only do we have a cool new Halloween color scheme...we actually have an entirely new story! Please give a warm welcome to...Playing the Fate Game! (Still slightly under construction.)

News item: 4/1/03: We're back! New chapters for ALL stories on the site!...well, no, actually, I'm just kidding. Nothing new today. But why don't you visit The Naughty Carrot, a parody in honor of April 1st, 2000.

News item: 2/14/03: Happy Valentine's Day! New NFY chapter!

News item: 8/31/02: Happy Halloween! New NFY chapter coming soon, I promise.

News item: 8/9/02: New NFY chapter! Whee!

* 7/22/02: Paging Nicholas Eckert...I tried to email you, but there seem to be some problems with your email. Check it out. ^_^;

* 7/18/02: I'm not dead yet! I'm getting better!...

* 5/13/02: A response submitted to The Sunburst Project! Also, Dark Times continues along its meandering path. (I knew 13 was my lucky number...)

* 4/27/02: Changed the layout of the main page slightly; the previously-misnamed "Links" section is now the "Info" section, and there is now an actual "Links" section. Also, check out the Beware the Radish Banner!

* 4/2/02: Control has been wrested back from the Cyanic Flux.

* 4/1/02: The normal BtR April Fools' Day celebration has been jettisoned to comply with the wishes of the Cyanic Flux. It is useless to resist. You will be assimilated...

* 12/3/01: "They say he can't be killed. They say he drinks blood." That's right, BtR is back with a new look, not to mention a new message board and new merchandise!

* 8/24/01: IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Beware the Radish is moving shortly, as noted previously. It will be on hiatus for a while, until I can get myself all settled. I'll leave this page up, but it might disappear at the end of August if they deactivate my account. The new site is here. Or it will be, once everything's squared away. Email me with any questions.

* 6/17/01 or thereabouts: In case you were wondering, Beware the Radish will be moving soon, as I don't know how long I'll get to keep this computer account now that I've graduated. I have the new location picked out, so just be patient.

* 4/18/01: Despite appearances, we're not dead yet. I'm going to get myself into gear and do some long-needed updates to the site. Suggestions welcome.

* 4/1/01: Happy April Fools' Day, or something. I couldn't think of anything to top last year's Naughty Carrot, so go look at that.

* 3/27/01: New TMI signup! Also, NFY was skipped, and it doesn't look like anyone's interested in writing it.

* 3/9/01 addendum: NFY #11 posted!

* 3/9/01: NFY #11 is in, will be posted in a few hours.

* 2/27/01: I just received word that the price of goods at CafePress.com will be going up on March 1st. So if there's any chance you wanted a Beware the Radish T-shirt, now would be a good time to get one.

* 2/23/01: Authors needed not quite as urgently as in the last news update; however, authors still needed in a general, perennial sense. NFY Queue update.

* 2/20/01: NFY #10 in! Go read. Authors needed.

* 2/5/01 addendum: NFY #9 in! Go read.

* 2/5/01: NFY #9 is almost complete, just being run through prereaders. Should be in tonight, or perhaps tomorrow at the latest.

* 1/22/01: New NFY in!

* 1/18/01: NFY is almost done. I'm letting it slide because Ardweden already has a lot done and is definitely working on it now.

* 1/8/01: No new parts yet, but I've updated the NFY page. We are not "on hold" any more.

* 12/24/00: Nobody seems up to writing, what with finals and holidays and such, so BtR is pretty much on hold until 2001.

* 12/1/00: NFY is finally back on track. Last author skipped, and the rules have been tinkered with to be a little stricter. Now at version 4.40. Not only that--I went over to CafePress.com and created the Beware the Radish T-shirts! I recommend the gray, but the white is cool too.

* 11/6/00: Okay, that's enough frivolity for now.

* 10/31/00: Happy Halloween! I wanted the page to look festive. No tricks today, and a couple of treats: A couple of new links in the Links section, and I've rearranged the fics in order of activity. Plus, in honor of Halloween, I've posted the Exposed version of Ultra #27: Halloween Hardcore! It's down in the Links section, under Exposed.

* 10/27/00: New TMI part, and it's quite chibi. NFY and HS should be in soon. Also, a new section, down in the Links: Exposed. We're not dead yet!

* 10/22/00: Egad, a signup for TMI. New parts should be coming in Real Soon Now.

* 9/12/00: Page redesign. META has new reviews. Cephied updated. Comments, as always, welcome.

* 8/16/00: The Sunburst Project is back on track, and META has a signup! Wow!

* 8/13/00: A new version of HS #15 is up, which fixes some errors found after it was submitted.

* 8/11/00: Another HS signup, this story looks to be heating up again. #15 is in! Go read it. On the other hand, been another NFY skip. Sign up! And of course, if you feel like some informal non-stressful writing, feel free to sign up for TMI...

* 8/1/00: I decided Beware the Radish needed a chibi, so sign up for TMI and go wild. Also for your reading pleasure is Cephied, but it's not really an impro you can sign up for. At the moment you can just read it. ...It'll all be clear later, I promise.

* 7/23/00: Since Philip skipped, the Nightmare Fighter Yumeko queue is now open. Email me to sign up. Also, I'm not going to update SBP until I get at least a couple more submissions...

* 6/22/00: Okay, things haven't been happening much around here, really, but that's changing starting now. New NFY and Dark Star parts up. New (slightly) NFY Rules. The NFY queue will be opening soon, so think about whether you want to write. Also, submissions for SBP Week 11 are up, as well as stimuli for Week 12. And there are more secret projects in the works, too...However, we need signups, so come on!

* 5/7/00: NFY #6. Praise Odin.

* 5/6/00: High Stakes #13 up. As I said, I'm really busy, so there's a lot of stuff which isn't really being updated...I'm sorry, I'll get to it soon.

* 4/26/00: High Stakes #12 up. It's getting to the end of the semester, so updates may be slightly late in coming...^_^;

* 4/6/00: Message boards back, it seems. HS #10 should be in soon. SBP will be updated tomorrow morning. Glossary now available in the Links section. (Why? Why not?)

* 4/4/00: Both the BtR and META message boards seem to be down. It's not my fault, I swear. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, major page redesign. Let me know what you think.

* 4/3/00: If you missed it, The Naughty Carrot can be seen here.

* 4/1/00: April Fools! I love this holiday. I hope you all enjoyed the Naughty Carrot. ^_^ Anyway, on to the actual news. Things are slow around here, but parts *are* still getting written. I'm considering taking on another story, now that the Second Coming is over with. SBP Week 3 is done with, Week 4 stimuli are up. People, get your META reviews in. Reviews are the lifeblood of META! If you haven't written a META review yet, why not? (Yes, I do feel rather hypocritical right now. I'll write some, I swear.) And I guess that's it...oh, and one more thing; FF9C06 referred to the particular shade of orange that the Naughty Carrot page is. (Also the SBP page, actually...)

* 3/23/00: META scene 2, SBP Week 3! And I'm back from visiting my parents! Woohoo!

* 3/17/00: I know I've been a naughty admin and abused my powers quite a bit...But High Stakes #8 is now FINALLY up. Check out the High Stakes page. Also...META! Woo! And finally...I'm going out of town for a few days. I'll be back next Tuesday night, the 21st.

* 3/15/00: WE HAVE MOVED! Update your links! Also, Sunburst Project has finished its first week! New stimuli up!

* 3/13/00: Sunburst Project stuff due tomorrow! High Stakes will be in real soon now. I promise.

* 3/7/00: The Sunburst Project arises!

* 2/24/00: The Party Omake has its own web page now. Also, more stuff coming soon.

* 2/19/00: I finally got around to updating different queue things and stuff. You'll notice that there's also a Last Updated section for each story. I figured, since all the other sites had them...anyway, don't worry about that geological thing, it's just a place-holder until an actual update happens.

* 2/1/00: We now have a message board. Also, against my better judgement, Dark Times #1 is up. People, please proofread, edit and make sure your submission follows the Submission Guidelines. I have better things to do than edit all the submissions.

* 1/28/00: HS #5 is up. After this point, I'll probably only update this news if there's something significant, or multiple updates at once.

* 1/25/00: NFY #4 is up, and finally an HS logo. At this point I have logos for all the fics...but if you think you can do a better job, feel free to send that logo in. Also, there were a lot of little changes to the site which you probably wouldn't notice, but which make me feel better.

* 1/24/00: Big update; HS extension and signup, DT signup (!), new DS logo, NFY summary page updated up to #3, DS #7 reformatted, "stars arrangement" artwork on DS page, description of Beware the Radish updated, other graphic stuff done. Some problems with NFY, but it should be in soon. DS queue is empty. This is a Bad Thing.

* 1/17/00: NFY's queue is CLOSED! Woohoo! It will be open again when there are four or so people left. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for any of the other stories, hint hint.

* 1/16/00: Heck of a lot of news today. Mostly because I haven't been updating the site like I should. Anyway...

* 12/30/99: Beware the Radish is ready to face the new millennium! (I bet you're tired of hearing that word, aren't you?) The big news (as mentioned in the Christmas Day news) is that we're now hosting Dark Star! I'm really pleased because it's a story I've always enjoyed. Also, now that I've gotten my act together, High Stakes #3 is up, and the queue is updated!

* 12/25/99: Happy Winter Holiday Season! NFY #3, and big news coming up!

* 12/23/99: Everyone's got lots to do with the holiday season, it seems, so updates will be slow. Also: Phoebe, please email me, I'm not sure my email is working perfectly at the moment.

* 12/17/99: High Stakes #2! I'm considering whether to allow people into queues who just wrote chapters. Thoughts? Email me.

* 12/16/99: I put myself in the queue to do NFY #8...'cause, well, I'm the admin, and I can do that. The queue isn't closed yet, though, so you can still sign up, if you so desire. (Now if only someone would sign up for Dark Times...)

* 12/11/99: Business Is Picking Up! For all you people who wanted to sign up but haven't...now there's peer pressure!

* 12/10/99: IT LIVES! Another signup! Soon they'll be coming so fast I won't even bother to announce them!...yeah, right...

* 12/8/99: And our second signup ever. Come on, don't be shy, sign up. Also, some of the old News has been pushed off to an Old News (creative, eh?) page.

* 11/29/99: A third starter! *fanfare* Logo and stuff later. And NFY #2 is UP!

* 11/18/99: The first signup ever! *fanfare* Now we're a force to be reckoned with! And the look of the site continues to evolve...suggestions welcome.

* 11/13/99: Our first piece of fanart! Wai! And negotiations are underway to host even more starters. Stay tuned...

* 11/12/99: A few tweaks to the look of the site, and the rules for Dark Times have changed. Don't worry, they're even less stringent on the authors, yet allow me more control over the story! Read and find out how...

* 11/11/99: We're live and on the air! ...Web. ...Whatever. At the moment only two stories are up. If you have another starter which you think belongs here, let me know. Also, be sure and reread the stories; they've had a bit of editing since being in the Starter Sweepstakes.

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