How do I participate?

So you want to sign up or send in a bit of fanart or something. Well, the procedure is simple.

Email me.

Some things to consider.

Fanart and side-stories (omake) are indescribably welcome.

"Serious-toned stories" doesn't mean you have to bend over backwards to make your chapters grim and depressing. All it means is that you should try and keep the tone of the stories consistent. But that's something everyone should do when writing an impro part, right? Also, for omake, anything goes. Want to write an absurd Yumeko/Monty Python crossover omake? Send that puppy in.

Read the rule pages. If you try and write for something without reading the rules, as Adam Sandler says, they're all gonna laugh at you.

Also read the story summary pages. I'll try and keep track of everything that happens...not only that, the summary page for NFY has full names for all the characters! That's a lot of work I went ahead and did so you wouldn't have to.

Edit and format your chapters before submitting them. All submitted chapters should be text (.txt) format with no lines longer than 78 characters. I will try to reformat chapters which don't comply, but if I can't do so without spending less than, say, 15 minutes, you'll get an email saying "I can't take this until it's reformatted". HTML submissions will be turned into plain text or rejected. (IMPORTANT UPDATE! Fate Game chapters should be in HTML, though they can be in text. See the Fate Game page for more details.) Also, please, for the love of Lina, proofread and spell-check. Some typos always seem to slip through, and that's understandable, but if it looks like you haven't at least made an effort, I will not be happy.

Watch the main page for due dates and news, if you're writing. I'll probably email you anyway, if anything happens, but keep track of things.

I will probably close off queues once they fill up. If they fill up. So, if you want to write for something, email me as soon as possible.

In fact, email me for any other reason you want. I like email.

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