Life is cheap - Death is a resource

NecroFodder is a quick web-based puzzle game. It shouldn't take more than five minutes for each game--possibly much less. It's free to play and creating new characters is easy. So if your character dies horribly in seconds, don't feel too bad--just create another one and send him in to raise your previous character's corpse as a helper! Unless someone else raised him first, that is...

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Nov. 20, 2008, 8PM: Kerberos is now easier, and I'm calling this version 0.4. The Ascended page shows what version you ascended in.

NecroFodder was created for the TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition.

87. Borellus says, "that the Essential Salts of animals may be so prepared and preserved, that an ingenious man may have the whole ark of Noah in his own Study, and raise the fine shape of an animal out of its ashes at his pleasure; and that by the like method from the Essential Salts of humane dust, a Philosopher may, without any criminal necromancy, call up the shape of any dead ancestor from the dust whereinto his body has been incinerated."
--H. P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book

version 0.4