Generate random Faeries

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Player level: 76


Faerie Dueling (11): 96

Faerie Charms (8): 70

Faerie Trickery (2): 18

Ichandra is a faerie who was recruited from the webpage Hotel Transylvania: The Series. Her hair is the cool blue of a still lake and her eyes are the warm brown of oaken bark. She wears a ceremonial breastplate of fallen wood, a long flowing overshirt sewn with intricate designs and a flowing sash that glitters in the light.

In combat she wields a Shillelagh made of Ashtadhatu. For ritual purposes she uses a Kris made of Electrum, and to keep her skills sharp she exercises with a Snauwaert made of Platinaire.


  • This page generates faerie allies that you might recruit in a game.
  • Player level is a randomly chosen number from 1 to 100. (In an actual game it would start at 0 and slowly increase.)
  • The numbers in parenthesis for faerie stats show how skewed they are to the different attributes. These parenthetical numbers always add up to 21. So a completely well-balanced faerie would have a 7 in each one.
  • As you go up in level, you find higher level faeries. That's why the "real stats" are higher than the parenthetical skew stats.
  • Each faerie has one "weapon", one "ritual weapon" and one "sports equipment". These do not have power levels, they're just "basic equipment" that comes with the faerie.
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