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Play a medieval wizard in this web-based game. Research spells, craft items, duel your fellow wizards! Medieval High-magic Fantasy High Medium High Med-High Med-Low Med-Low Late Alpha. Most game features in, routinely debugged.

Secrets of the Final Days

Dark forces have given you a grim task--End the world. Before anyone else can... Modern Horror Fantasy High Low High Low Medium (planned) Med-High Early Alpha. Many features not yet implemented.


Chaostorm is a game of exploration and creation in an epic realm. Prepare to Storm! Chaotic Fantasy High High Med-Low Med-High Low Low Beta. Nearly complete.


Get Sthenos. Surreal High Low High Med-Low Low High Mid Alpha. Some features not yet implemented.


A quick-moving interactive story. Choose any path--and if it doesn't lead anywhere, write the next installment yourself! Any High Very High None Low None Low Beta. Nearly complete.


DaemonWorks is a series of puzzles within puzzles...what is the ultimate truth? ? Very High High Low Very High None Very High You're not authorized for that information.

*An article by Richard Bartle described four types of players who play multi-user games. Explorers enjoy experiencing all the content the game has to offer. Achievers enjoy achieving high ranks and collecting items. Socializers like to meet people and communicate. And Competitors like to compete with other players. I've given each of my games a ranking based on how much of each type of "fun" it is likely to provide. In addition, I've added two of my own rankings: Creation, which describes how easily a player can use that game as a means of creative expression, and Mystery, which captures how much intellectual effort should be or could be spent in figuring out what's actually going on in the game's fictional world.

My point is simple: Different people enjoy different games for different reasons. I hope this chart will help you easily find a reason you may enjoy a game, or guide you to try a game you otherwise wouldn't have tried!

**Also note that every game listed here is playable, and free, even if its Status says it isn't complete!

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