There exists a world beyond that which we know,
A world of raw elemental powers swirling in chaotic creation.
Some have discovered this world.
Wizards learned in eldritch lore, shamans who chant down storms, insane researchers, cultists of forgotten deities, ordinary people who see just that little bit further than their fellows...
All are drawn to the realm of creation, the realm of legend, the Chaostorm.

IndieStorm is just one of several "scapes" of Chaostorm (what in other games might be called "shards"). IndieStorm is brand new, but feel free to visit the others!

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The Storm Map - Use this link to explore Chaostorm even if you don't have a character!

IndieStorm Player List - See who else is playing Chaostorm!

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Octoberstorm (Read-Only)

Octoberstorm 2 (Open!)