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4/1/00: META scene 2, DCP Week 3! And I'm back from visiting my parents! Woohoo!

3/17/00: I know I've been a naughty carrot and abused my powers quite a bit...But Low Stakes #8 is now FINALLY up. Check out the Low Stakes page. Also...META! Woo! And finally...I'm going out of town for a few days on a cross-country crime spree. I'll be back next Tuesday night, the 21st.

3/15/00: WE HAVE MOVED! Update your links! Also, The Dark Clouds Project has finished its first week! It's the end of the world as we know it. New stimuli oh god yes harder faster!

3/14/00: Happy Einstein's Birthday!

3/13/00: Dark Clouds Project stuff due tomorrow! New Sex Sells chapter up! Low Stakes will be in real soon now. And I feel fine. I promise.

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Stories Summaries Last Updated Rules
Pretty Dream Fighter Yumeko Kyoko uses magical powers given to her by her magical companion to save the world! Love and happiness abound! Wai! Tue., Mar. 21st Content Approval
Bright Star Zellar must use his magical powers to spread joy and save the world from the evil evil Shiko and Yasha! Wai! Tue., Mar. 14th Unusual Impro
Sex Sells Join Ai-chan and her wacky hentai anime seiyuu friends, in the only impro that has a sexual encounter in every chapter! Woo woo!
Warning: Mature Content (duh!)
Fri., Mar. 24th Required Sex Scenes
Low Stakes Jinsaku and his friends get involved in a magical game that amuses them on their nights off! Wai! Tiw., Mer. 40th Do Not Read This
The Dark Clouds Project I know this site is mostly happy and stuff, but I think it's important to explore the darker side of one's nature as well. The Dark Clouds Project encourages people to write the darkest, most depressing stories they can. wai. Fri., Aug. 13th Dark Clouds Rules
M.E.T.A. Mental Exercises for the Totally Advanced allows experienced authors the chance to write stories in an environment where they don't have to worry about unappreciative Philistines disturbing their ego trips. W(a^i)! Mn., Mar. 32nd Minimum IQ Rules

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