High Stakes

Chapters Authors Due Dates Queue
1: Take a Gamble
2: Ante Up
3: (untitled)
4: All Cards on the Table
5: Raise the Bet
6: Crossroads
7: Calling the Bluff
8: Dead Man's Hand
9: Poker Face
10: Down in the Hole
11: House Rules
12: Double or Nothing
13: All Bets Are Off
14: Go Fish
15: Knock
16: Thirteen
17: Chips Are Down
18: Hedge the Bet
Clint Milton
Ian Heafer
John Evans
Clint Milton (2)
Ian Heafer (2)
John Evans (2)
The NightGuard
Scott Schimmel
Kate Malloy
John Evans (3)
Barton Earl Bison
  1. John Evans (4)

High Stakes Rules: Standard Impro

What's it all about, anyway?

High Stakes is the story of ordinary men and women caught up in a mystical Game. Partly inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh!, HS features battles between magical monsters trapped in Cards, the same Cards that manipulate humans into playing the Game to its very final end. No one knows the true natures of the Cards or the Game, but hints are increasingly prevalent and true understanding may be just around the corner...but will any of the Players survive to see it?

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