How is this site different from ImproFanfic?

Okay, so you took a break from writing your nifty Ultra omake and surfed over to this indie site, and want to know what it's all about. Well, there are two major differences.

Serious-toned and experimental stories.

Most of the stories on Beware the Radish are serious in tone. This does not, however, mean that everyone has to be depressed and angsty. It does not mean that there can be no jokes in any part. It does not mean that I will mailbomb you if you try and submit an absurd omake. All it means is that the stories on the site share a common bond of focusing on drama. If DG, MGH, Ultra or Controversial Jack were starters submitted to me today, I wouldn't accept them. (Which, I feel, is no big loss; there are a bunch of indie sites now who would.)

So what does this mean to you, J. Random Surfer? Just that we have different stories than the other sites. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Some of the stories, however, instead of being serious-toned, are experimental in nature. These stories and projects are meant to explore the boundaries of collaborative writing.

If you want to submit a starter which you think fits the tone of Beware the Radish, go ahead. I may or may not decide to put it up. Which brings me to the second topic...


I know that word probably strikes fear into the heart of any ImproFanfic writer, but bear with me for a moment. This is my site. Most of the stories on it are my stories; the others are stories I really like. I care about these stories. Therefore, I'm going to keep a measure of control over what happens in them.

However, I don't anticipate having to use this authority very much. Read the rules pages (links on the main page) for what moderation really means, in the context of writing for Beware the Radish. I think you'll find that it's not very stringent.

If you really can't stand being tied down, well, there are many sites that host unmoderated stories. Go to ImproFanfic and check out the original impros, as well as all the indies.

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